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Water Damage West Palm Beach. At Secure Restoration we are highly qualified in multiple disciplines which enables us to deal with all kinds of damage quickly and efficiently. You don’t need to worry yourself with the repair at all – just leave it to us and focus on looking after yourself. We take care of the rest!

We work in a highly efficient manner to ensure that your repairs are finished quickly but to the best possible quality as well. At the same time, we also take a lot of pride in our excellent customer service and communication. We understand what an upsetting time this is for you, which is why we go to lengths to help you feel confident and comfortable with what we’re doing. And We will operate with the utmost respect to your belongings, your property and your time and we will communicate with you clearly and transparently at every stage of proceedings. Water Damage West Palm Beach

We are fast, reliable, efficient and we have your back every step of the way. Just get in touch to learn more about our service!

Water Damage West Palm Beach Process

Water Damage West Palm Beach

Water Damage West Palm Beach

The precise services and process we offer will of course vary depending on precisely the nature of the damage to your home. However, there are also a lot of similarities between the different approaches we take when making repairs because there’s a surprising amount of overlap between different jobs. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Read on and we’ll go through the typical steps that we would take during a normal restoration process…

Emergency Response

Very often our clients and customers will be in something of a hurry to receive our services which is when our emergency response will be called upon. If you have a burst pipe or if you have a hole in your roof, then you’ll need our services as quickly as possible in order to prevent the damage from spreading. A burst pipe for instance will continue to cause damage as it floods and won’t stop until we have managed to seal the hole or isolate your water supply. So call us up and let us know where you are and we’ll be out to help you as soon as possible. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Tarp and Sealing

Once we arrive at your premises, we’ll then proceed to seal any leaks and to reinforce structural damages. In other words: our priority is to prevent any further damage and to deal with the immediate and present threats that are placing strain on your property. This way, we are able to minimize the damage and the expense for you. Water Damage West Palm Beach


The next stage is the assessment stage, which is where we will take the time to look at the extent and nature of the damage so that we can recommend the best course of action to solve the problem as well as give you an accurate price quote and timescale. Water Damage West Palm Beach

The point to remember here is that often the damage will be more extensive than at first meets the eye. For instance, if you have had water damage, you might find that your carpets have absorbed contaminated water and need to be replaced. Likewise, if you have hired us for mold remediation, there might be more mold hiding beneath your floorboards unbeknownst to you. A seemingly contained fire in the kitchen might also affect your other rooms if the smoke has traveled through the house. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Our assessment process also allows us to identify the potential risk to your health and risk of further damage to your property. For instance, if you have mold, then we will use sampling to try and identify the type of mold. If it is the ‘black’ type of mold (also referred to as toxic mold) then it will produce mycotoxins which can cause neurological damage in the worst case scenarios. Similarly, if you hired us for water damage restoration and the water was category 3 ‘black’ water, then this could be highly contaminated and potentially a health risk. In such situations, these are classed as hazardous materials and need to be dealt with carefully. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Finally, assessing the full nature of the damage will allow us to come up with the best plan of attack when it comes to getting everything back in full working order. Note that our damage assessment process will often involve the use of tools like infrared sensors as well as excavations – we may for instance need to knock through wall cavities or pull up floor boards to locate mold.


Water Damage West Palm Beach. We also offer removal services alongside our restoration. Why? Because if you have water damage or fire damage, then you will often require removal as well. It may be for instance that you have furniture in the way of the areas we need to get to to perform our work. Alternatively, you may perhaps have items that are at risk of further damage unless we quickly and efficiently move them for you. We don’t expect you to deal with heaving sofas out of your property in this situation – leave that to us!

Finally, some items will need to be removed simply because they’re beyond saving. If a kitchen cabinet has been burned to pieces, or if a carpet or drywall has absorbed too much contaminated water then it needs to go. Don’t worry though – we’ll of course run anything like this past you before we go ahead. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Of course it’s also very important that we remove rubble and debris from your property. If you’ve had a ceiling cave in or a cabinet fall off your kitchen wall, then this can not only prevent us from working but might also be dangerous if it’s left in the way.

Water Cleanup and Drying

Next we will deal with the removal of water from your property and with drying. This is obviously a big part of our water damage restoration service or hurricane restoration but it’s also important for our fire damage restoration and a number of our other processes. Why? Because fire damage can often cause water damage if it leads to a burst pipe or a burst water main. The same thing goes for wind damage – if it removes a big portion of your roof and your rooms get rained in, then this of course means that we need to handle some water damage restoration to undo that water logging.

Water removal will usually involve the use of large submersible pumps, or pumps that will be mounted onto the back of our trucks. Following this process, we’ll also then dry out your property which also means drying the air thoroughly using dehumidifiers and other processes. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Why does drying go at the start of so many of our jobs? Because water damage can get worse over time if left and it only takes 24 hours for mold spores to settle on any damp surface. For these reasons, water is one of the priorities that we will need to deal with.

Cleaning, Sanitization and Odor Removal

Water Damage West Palm Beach

Water Damage West Palm Beach

Next up is cleaning and sanitization. After the water has been removed from your property and dried for instance, this doesn’t mean that your home will be clean. If that water was contaminated, then your walls could still be as well and might risk making you ill. We will not only clean off the water marks in this case but also use disinfectant products to ensure your home is safe to live in. Water Damage West Palm Beach

The same goes for fire damage. This time though we will mostly be focused on cleaning smoke and soot that will have gotten onto your things. This has a bad habit of getting into the tiniest spaces and of staining your belongings, so our job will be to trace the line of the smoke and ensure that every last bit is gone. Water Damage West Palm Beach

This is also where our mold cleaning will come in and where we will start scrubbing away mold and killing it off. The way we do this will depend on the type of mold and the extent of the problem. In some cases, we might have to use protective gear while at the same time applying powerful vacuums to avoid disturbing the mold spores and causing them to re-enter into the atmosphere. Water Damage West Palm Beach

This process should also help to remove odors. Most bad odors are actually caused by bacteria, so by cleaning this up we will make sure there are no lingering bad smells remaining. If that doesn’t do the trick, then we have a number of tricks up our sleeve any of which should be able to do the job. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Of course cleaning also involves the rather more straightforward process of just going around and removing stains and clearing up dust and dirt.

Construction and Renovation

We don’t just undo damage though, we also help you to rebuild and to get your property back to its former glory. Among our various services, we also offer renovation and can help you to redecorate rooms and to add new furniture, fittings and everything else. This is an important aspect of any restoration service we believe, as it’s what will set your house up ready for you to move back into it. It’s not enough for us to just clean and dry your house – we need to make it beautiful and somewhere you’ll be happy to call home. Water Damage West Palm Beach

This will begin by making repairs to your roof or walls and to putting the actual structure of your home back to normal. From there though, we also offer painting services, carpet installation and kitchen and bathroom renovations. If you’ve had a small kitchen fire, then you might just need a new cabinet or two. If your whole home has been destroyed though, then we can help you to install every new room and make a new designs for you!

Preparing for the Worst

It’s not nice to think about the worst case scenarios and no one likes imagining what would happen if their home burned down in a fire. If we think about these things though is actually the best way to protect yourself from them and it’s only by having a plan in place that you can ensure the impact on your lifestyle is minimized. Water Damage West Palm Beach

Our recommendation is to take out household insurance and to keep our number somewhere safe. In a crisis, you might just be glad that you did! Water Damage West Palm Beach

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